Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH, D-Haiger has announced a turnkey robot welding system that is equipped with a ROMAT 320 industrial robot and a turn/tilt positioning unit. The HighEnd GLC 353 Automotive pulsed arcwelding machine has been specially designed for the requirements of the automotive industry and their suppliers. Synergic operation or single parameter adjustment can be freely selected in the variable synergy mode (VSM) at any time. “Low spatter ignition“ and “AluPlus” functions are provided as standard.

For high flexibility during welding the machine can be adjusted by an external operating unit (RPU-Remote Programming Unit). The new, very compact CK 128 wire drive is directly mounted on the third robot axis thus ensuring a reliable and slip-free wire transport. The stackable housing of the Automotive is space-saving and suitable for integration into all production systems.