The new range of single-axis K-Beam capacitive accelerometers from Kistler Instruments covers the measuring range from 2g to 100g in fi ve models, with the option of either unipolar or differential output. The three-layer, micro-machined, variable capacitance, silicon-sensing element measures acceleration in truly static or low amplitude, very low-frequency environments. The Type 8305B accelerometers are fullycalibrated sensors with all excitation and signal conditioning electronics integrated into a single package combining high sensitivity with virtual immunity to temperature transients. Suitable for automobile, aerospace, structural analysis, robotics and vibration life test applications, the Type 8305B accelerometers have a hard anodised case only 9mm high and 22mm square. K-Beam accelerometers combine high-level signal output with excellent long-term stability. The standard confi guration provides the convenience of a single polarity power supply and a single-ended output. The wide operating voltage range, from 7 to 32 volts, allows the Type 8305B to be powered from a 9-volt alkaline battery or a regulated DC power supply. -