Bollfilter has launched a new automatic filter system, the Boll 6.72 Automatic Filter, designed to protect valuable plant and machinery being damaged by solid contaminants.

The Boll 6.72 is designed for the filtration of particulates from heavy fuel oil and lubricants for mobile and stationery diesel engines, as well as coolants and wash water in automotive industry machining and part washing processes, incorporating a number of important improvements in both design and function.

The new housing is more compact, reducing the space required for installation, while its robust design has even fewer moving parts and improved durability. Perfect synchronisation of the back flushing process is achieved by means of a double action air/flushing valve, further improving unit efficiency. The Boll 6.72 filter is available in three sizes: DN40, 65 and 80, with a choice of filter elements. Back flushing can be controlled by differential pressure or time, with filtration down to 6 microns. All sizes are available with a manual standby unit connected by a two-stage, three-way valve.