While most thermoplastic welding process require separate delivery systems, Bielomatik specializes in delivering welding systems that can accommodate gas convection, infrared and hot plate welding technologies. This provides the range of alternatives needed to match the technology to the process for the type of plastic material. Bielomatik welding units are available in a variety of sizes, and can be equipped with pneumatic, hydraulic or electrically-driven power systems. The company’s other welding technologies include vibration welding, laser welding, ultrasonic welding, thermal contact welding, spin welding and RF welding. Bielomatik IR process utilizes both mid- and short-wave infrared emitters, ideal for welding materials that have high-temperature resistance. Like gas welding, IR welding is a non-contact process that avoids materials adhering to the heat platen during the melting cycle, but is not as quick as the gas convection welding method. Bielomatik equipment uses a variety of “masking” methods to direct heat distribution, including a licensed approach that allows heat to weld joints in small areas. www.bielomatikinc.com