Oil-water separators pretreat waste from vehicle and floor washes in areas such as the paintshop, but if not properly managed it can mean costly pollution of surface and ground water. Beko Technologies’ new Öwamat oil-water separators meet legal regulations on the introduction of purifi ed water into the municipal wastewater system.

First, oil-contaminated condensate reaches the newly developed pressure relief chamber where dirt particles are captured in a removable receiver. In the separation container the oil settles at the surface and is then supplied to the spill proof oil receiver. The pre-cleaned condensate now flows through the newly constructed oleophilic prefi lter. The prefilter fixes the remaining oil droplets in its material. In addition it is able to take up oil fl oating in the filter chamber.

The new Öwamat generation features a filter cartridge that contains no active carbon. It allows a much faster and cleaner change than the activated carbon method producing a low waste solution that can be directly introduced into the waste water mains. The Öwamat is available in five sizes and container volumes of 10 to 228.