Compressed air, the preferred method of delivering energy lineside, is being used increasingly in both the manufacturing and process industries, where its distinct advantages of cleanliness, fl exibility, safety and economy are used to maximum advantage. Modern process equipment, pneumatic controls and instrumentation, however, demand a supply of clean, uncontaminated air and this has necessitated the development in recent years of more advanced designs of compressors and ancillary equipment. Maintaining the cleanliness of this air, from source right up to the point of use, is obviously essential. Hence air mains and branch lines also need to be of an advanced design. Air-Line Xtra is a lightweight, non-corrodible system from Beko Technologies. Manufactured from a specially-formulated ABS blend, Air-Line Xtra has a high performance co-extruded liner which greatly enhances its mechanical and chemical properties. Air-Line Extra fi ttings are manufactured using an alloy blend of ABS which ensures that the performance of the whole system is maintained to a high standard.