Makrolon polycarbonate is opening up completely new styling options in the automotive industry for the design of tailgate modules. A prototype module further includes an integrated backlite developed by Bayer MaterialScience. Unlike a conventional tailgate, which would be based on a metal carrier with inserted glass window, the Makrolon part has a seamless outer skin made from coated polycarbonate. Non-transparent areas are either backprinted in a dark colour or back-injected with a black frame material using two component injection molding.

“Our concept sets out to demonstrate the enormous design freedom offered by Makrolon, compared with glass and metal, for giving the rear of the vehicle a distinctive appearance,” explains Volkhard Krause, Head of Automotive Glazing at Bayer MaterialScience. “According to our estimates, a weight saving of around 30 to 40% can be achieved with the Makrolon part over the same part made of metal and glass. Apart from that, the integration of functions opens up considerable cost-cutting potential for the manufacturer.”