‘XColors – designed by BASF’ is described as ‘a unique colour concept bringing together colour trends and paint development’. One segment in the XColors product range is the ‘XFine’ colours. XFine offers strong metallic effects, the result of very fine aluminium particles arranged flat next to each other, producing a mirror effect on the car body.

“This effect yields extremely powerful contrasts. The colour appears particularly bright on the edges of the car body, while it has a very dark effect when viewed from the side,” explained Mark Gutjahr, Color Designer at BASF Coatings. “We designers refer to this as a very bright highlight and a dark flip effect. XFine uses this flip effect to highlight the car body and all its contours.”

One of the first uses of an X-Fine colour was on the Audi e-tron Spyder, displayed in ‘Seductive Silver’.