AutoForm Engineering has introduced EasyBlank Inventor, an add-on for Autodesk Inventor, specially designed for sheet metal part designers, tool and die designers, and tool cost calculators.

Autodesk Inventor allows engineers to digitally prototype parts before they are built. EasyBlank Inventor adds further specialist functions, such as determining the optimal part nesting layout, while taking into account several important parameters such as coil width, pitch or required bridge span. In addition to these features, EasyBlank Inventor also enables users to assess product feasibility. With the goal of cost reduction, the software’s early feasibility assessment can help to eliminate expensive late changes to parts.

The analysis results are summarized in an HTML-based report which contains detailed information on blank outline, optimal nesting layout, material consumption and cost, thinning distribution of the part, feasibility plot and the associated FLD diagram. The benefits for users are early cost and manufacturability analyses, optimal material usage and minimization of scrap and costs.