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    White paper: Streamlining EV battery production


    As a strategic partner, Atlas Copco supports vehicle manufacturers through the entire EV battery assembly process. Our market-leading technologies include tightening, self-pierce riveting, adhesive dispensing, flow drill fastening and quality inspection, which deliver smart connected assembly solutions, designed for cost-efficient scalability of EV battery production.

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    Watch: Partnering for power – working together to accelerate EV manufacturing


    Polestar’s Dennis Nobelius and Atlas Copco’s Lars Eklof discuss the ramp up in electric vehicle and battery production and call for collaboration across the industry.

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    Day 1 Wrap Up: Learning to dredge the data lakes


    First day speakers at the Automotive Manufacturing Solutions summit brought expertise from multiple corners of car making but found common ground in how digital technology is infiltrating workflows more and more.

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    VW and Ford invest in flexible production for an uncertain future


    The speed of change in the technology of cars and rapid electrification requires new manufacturing equipment and is making expensive old machines redundant, but exactly where the industry is going next is hard to predict. More flexible manufacturing is the answer.

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    Watch: Electrifying Production – How to build an electric future (Pt.2)


    In the second part of our Electrifying Production Livestream series, AMS explores how OEMs are ramping up EV production through modular strategies, data analytics and advanced joining and metrology tools. Featuring Volkswagen Group, Ford, Renishaw and Atlas Copco.