ANCA has announced the introduction of its new MX7 grinding machine. Capable of manufacturing a variety of tools up to 16mm (5/8”) diameter, ANCA’s CNC grinder is specifi cally designed to meet the needs of tool production facilities, while retaining maximum flexibility.

The MX7’s permanent-magnet spindle performs across the entire spindle working range, operating up to a maximum of 10,000rpm with a spindle power rating of 20kW/27Hp (S1). Precision is further enhanced due to a lower current draw, meaning less generated heat and therefore less expansion. The MX7’s higher torque at lower RPM characteristics are particularly suited to effi cient carbide grinding.

The inclusion of a standard Wheel Pack Changer dramatically increases both productivity and fl exibility. With a 10-second wheel change time and 6 HSK wheel packs, the MX7 offers unprecedented fl exibility in manufacturing. MX7 productivity can be further enhanced by using the MLX Loader, designed for maximum productivity, minimal set-up time and a 10-second tool change time, the MLX is able to signifi cantly further increase output