ABAC has developed a new system for recovering waste heat generated by compressed air systems. The Alup Energy Box converts heat generated by air compressors into hot water (up to 70ºC) for industrial processes and HR applications, such as hot water for washrooms. Energy Box is a convenient, easy-to-install system that can be fi tted to any make of oil-injected rotary screw compressor up to 90 kW. The system recovers energy from the oil circuit on the compressor via a heat exchanger. This allows the return on investment to be achieved very quickly, while recovering energy that is normally wasted.

With a 37kW compressor, the recovered energy can be up to 29.9kW. which could equal annual heating costs of more than £6,000 ($9,000), based on conventional heating systems over 4,000 hours of operation. Energy Box is available in several sizes to suit any make of oil injected screw compressor from 11 to 90kW.  www.abac.co.uk