Sound mapping in enclosed spaced, such as car and aircraft interiors, is set to become easier and quicker with Bruel & Kjaer’s new Spherical Beamforming system. Unlike other methods, which only map part of their surroundings, Spherical Beamforming provides a complete omnidirectional noise map. It is ideal for carrying out mid-to-high frequencies measurements inside vehicles, aircraft, rooms and industrial plants, as it makes no assumptions about the nature of the acoustic environment. Measurements are taken using a spherical array, which the operator places in a typical listener’s position, such as the driving seat of a car.

The array maps noise from every direction while 12 cameras, mounted on the sphere, take simultaneous pictures covering the entire fi eld of view. These images are then used as background display for an acoustic map. Spherical Beamforming is just one of many specialist acoustic solutions created as part of Bruel & Kjaer’s PULSE 12 measurement and analysis platform. PULSE 12 is the latest version of the company’s PULSE data analysis platform and has been specially developed utilising input from over 250 specialist engineers worldwide.