Matsuura has released the latest version of its globally acclaimed 5-axis CNC machine, the MAM72-25V. Confi gured with 40 pallets in an exceptionally small machine footprint, this incarnation of the MAM72-25V is aimed at precision component producers who require proven unmanned running capability over long production runs. Maximum component size is 250mm x 250mm height (300mm diameter is optional).

Automatic pallet changer (APC) options are: twin pallet/10 pallet/40 pallet. A dedicated single table version is also available. The MAM72-25V is capable of holding up to 240 tools in its automatic tool changer.

The PC40 and PC10 machines can be assigned to hold a variety of different jobs in the fully integrated high-speed APC. The NC is the powerful Matsuura G-Tech (Fanuc) 30i as standard, with the option of a Matsuura G-Tech (Siemens Yaskawa) 840Di.

As ever with Matsuura Products, all spindles available across the range are designed and built by in house by a dedicated team in a clean room facility in Fukui, Japan, a facility which is mirrored at Matsuura’s UK Operation in Leicestershire.

A BT40 15,000 rev/min Matsuura Hi-Tech Spindle comes as standard with the MAM72-25V, with 20,000 rev/min and 33,000 rev/min spindles available as options.

The MAM72-25V has proven to be a fi rm favourite with UK precision subcontractors and OEMs alike, with the majority of supplied machines being confi gured with either a 10 pallet or twin pallet APC.