SICK has launched its miniTwin 2, a reduced-size light curtain solution that incorporates sender and receiver in a miniature housing, a built-in unit control and a diagnostic LED display. The miniTwin 2 units measure 120mm x 1,200mm and can be cascaded or daisy chained end-to-end, up to 3,600mm, without any blindspots.

Rapid response times permit safety monitoring with reduced reach distances for operators, allowing a smaller machine footprint. Field coverage is continuous between adjacent units, without loss of resolution or the need for special mountings or physical protection between curtains.

The units can be arranged to protect L-, V- or U-shaped areas, the variable confi guration choices allowing easy workstation access. Variable fi eld lengths are possible to suit different locations. MiniTwin 2 light curtain units meet level ‘d’ / SIL2 requirements.