The new Type 2614A crank angle encoder from Kistler Instruments is ideal for installations where space is very tight, such as on road-going vehicles. The small cross section allows mounting where the distance between the crankshaft pulley and the vehicle body is as little as 35mm. The robust, stainless steel body of the encoder suits real world applications on both test vehicles and test stands, especially in very low temperature test chambers. With its wide operating speed range of 0 – 20,000 rpm, high resolution, wide operating temperature from –30 to +100°C and small size, the Kistler Type 2614A is suited to accurate measurements in a wide variety of demanding applications. The standard resolution at the LVDS output is 0.5 degree of crank angle and, where a higher resolution is needed, the optional crank angle processor provides a resolution of 0.1 degrees of crank angle, a 1 degree angle mark signal for engine control and a TTL signal output. Designed specifi cally for internal combustion engine applications, including combustion analysis, the Type 2614A crank angle encoder is very robust and can easily withstand the high mechanical loads likely to be encountered under the most rigorous test conditions. -