3M has launched what is believed to be the world’s lightest autodarkening welding shield, weighing in at just 360 grams. Fusing the performance of the 3M Speedglas Auto Darkening Shield with new, lightweight liquid crystal cell technology, the new 3M Speedglas SL (super-light) Welding Shield with Auto Darkening Filter (ADF) incorporates a number of new features that optimise its comfort, visibility, protection and durability. The product is therefore particularly suited to the automotive industry and occasional welders where lightweight PPE is key. Features and benefits include:

  • The 50 per cent lighter 3M Speedglas SL filter and a new manufacturing technique have resulted in a shield that is at least 26 per cent lighter overall than other models
  • A versatile headband uses a pattern of holes that enables it to be breathable and conform to different shaped and sized faces and heads
  • The welding filter features four user-selectable sensitivity settings and five dark state levels (8-12)
  • A new motion detector automatically turns the filter on and off as the welder picks up or sets down the shield
  • The new Speedglas SL filter from 3M can be used with most arc welding processes such as MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG and plasma welding. The filter is particularly appropriate for low-to-moderate amperage welding (0.1 to 250amps).
  • The tough, non-absorbent shield retains its strength in high humidity