ProSoft Technology’s new inRAx Wireless Ethernet/IP Communication Module (MVI56-WA-EIP) acts as a wireless bridge, enabling remote connectivity between a ControlLogix processor and 802.11 wireless devices including: PCs, Labtops, radio modems such as the RadioLinx Industrial Hotspot and other MVI56-WAEIP modules. The MVI56-WA-EIP module allows programming over the backplane and acts as a server to RSLinx, allowing for multiple programs such as RSLogix5000 and/or RSView products to communicate simultaneously with the processor.

The module offers four important benefits: wireless access to remote processors; Expanded wireless networking; compatibility with any 802.11b wireless technology (including ProSoft’s RadioLinx Industrial Hotspot), enabling wireless connectivity; and a Backplane Programmable module that allows programming using RSLinx, RSLogix5000, or RSView products wirelessly.

The MVI56-WA-EIP also enables access to needed data without having to enter mandated flash boundary zones, and without having to touch the processor.