The latest version of the Mobilscan3D system features ’Blue-Scan’ blue laser scanning technology. Blue laser technology has shown to be an improvement over red lasers on small volume, high-accuracy applications, as the shorter wavelength can produce a consistantly finer laser line thickness (50 microns) through the measurement area. This delivers results with less speckle and improved focusing capabilities. These improvements mean higher data collection rates, higher resolution data and more accurate processed images, which translates to less data ‘clean-up’ and processing time.

MobileScan3D can also be used for the verifi cation of production parts against nominal geometry data and can either be used in complete CNC or in semi-CNC mode, where the motors can be disengaged and the laser manually guided to defi ne the scan path. This semi-CNC mode allows for rapid set-up for inspection of one-off parts.

The MobileScan3D has three interchangeable scanning heads; a short range head (± 0.01mm); medium size head (± 0.05mm); and a large size head with a measurement range up to 2m (± 0.15mm).