The 2010 Hanover Fair, themed with the headline ‘Efficiency - Innovation - Sustainability’, runs from 19-23 April, 2010, and, as in previous years, will be showcasing innovations, new developments, technologies and materials from many manufacturing areas. The three main display categories are Factory Automation, Process Automation (INTERKAMA+) and Industrial Building Automation, with Italy being selected as the official partner country.

The factory automation part of the fair will showcase the entire spectrum of integrated automation solutions for manufacturing, including electric power transmission and control, and innovations from the mechanical and plant engineering industry. The show focuses on complete, endto- end solutions and applications, while also underlining the remarkable flexibility of today's automation products. Automation specialists from the mechanical and plant engineering industry, electrical engineering and electronics, and material supply will be of interest to those affiliated with the automobile industry looking to attend the Hanover event to learn about the latest trends and innovations and make investment decisions for the year ahead. The international trade public is attracted by the breadth of show coverage, enhanced by a high-quality supporting programme of forums and special displays.

AMS looked at what some exhibitors important to the automotive industry will have on display:

ArcelorMittal Automotive Europe
(Hall 5, Stand D04)
ArcelorMittal will be showing its patented laser welding process and demonstrating the company’s high-performance Usibor 1500P and Ductibor 500P laser-welded blank range. AM will also be showing a special cut blank and stamped part from the Audi Q5, a rear side body member or rear rail. This custom laser-welded blank and subsequent stamping gives a 25% weight saving when compared to the standard generic using LWB HSLA 380 grade reference steel, with an 8% cost saving. The company will also be showing many other special steel solutions, with illustrations of its superior crashability, longevity, ease of welding and joining and general integration into new and existing frame and body designs.

(Hall 9, Stand F18)

Pepperl+Fuchs will be showing several new products, including its ML100 series, a complete family of miniature photoelectric sensors. These are ideally suited for longrange applications where a high level of functional safety is required. According to P+F, there is a high demand for this type of sensor in material handling and in other areas of factory automation. The VDM28 family of distance sensors with Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT) will also be on show. These achieve measurement at distances of up to 50m against a reflective tape. The Hanover event will also serve as the first showing of the LineRunner400 multi-line laser light sensor (LR400). This is said to be the world’s first use of a multi-line laser light sensor as a smart camera for three-dimensional object measurement.

Dassault Systèmes (Booth C40, Hall 17)
Rapid X featuring DS (Booth C41, Hall 17)

As the global automotive market is demanding energysaving vehicles that use the minimum amount of fuel or run on alternative propulsion technologies, manufacturers are looking to light-weight materials such as fibre-reinforced composites to deliver the required models. Dassault Systèmes (DS) PLM solutions make it possible to design and simulate fibre composite components from first concept to detailed construction blueprint. DS will demonstrate these solutions in this year’s RapidX showcase, a small light-weight wind turbine made of fibre glass and carbon fibre-reinforced synthetic materials that offers an output of 4.2kW and is especially equipped for low-level installation. This special display will highlight the entire chain, from the development of the wind turbine using CATIA, resistance computation, virtual testing, 3D-animation and visualization, through to NC milling, giving DS experts the opportunity to demonstrate an extensive range of its PLM solutions.

(Hall 9, Stand D16)

Euchner has presented its new safety system, the Multifunctional Gate Box (MGB) at several fairs. The flexibility of this product is mainly due its modular design; the core of the system is the evaluation module, which is available with and without guard locking. The additional operator module for the MGB makes it possible for the user to integrate further functions such as push buttons, emergency stop, key-operated switches, selector switches or even display elements. The system now features even further multifunctionality, as the MGB will soon also be available with a PROFINET connection.

Each function no longer needs to be wired separately. Instead, there are defined input bytes and output bytes for all necessary functions, transmitted between the MGB and control system via PROFINET. The safety functions are transferred to the control system using the PROFIsafe protocol. Comprehensive diagnostics information in the form of PROFINET messages makes troubleshooting quick and specific. Due to the ease with which parameters can be set in PROFINET, even the replacement of the system (in case of service) is a simple matter and can be undertaken in a few minutes. There is no change to the high level of safety (Performance Level PL e).

Pilz Automation
(Hall 9, Stand D17)

The PSS4000 from Pilz is designed for all automation tasks, from machine control to safety technology, through to motion control, including diagnostics and visualisation. The PAS4000 software platform reduces engineering labour and overall cost. Users are given a centralised perspective, even of decentralised and distributed control structures. PSSuniversal PLC control systems, now available for standard control and safety functions, can be combined with networking via the Ethernet system SafetyNET p, making it easier to decentralise control functions and produce modular machinery. All sensors and actuators are connected via the decentralised I/O platform PSSuniversal. The system has passed inspection by TÜV SÜD, meaning PSS4000 and SafetyNET p is ready for installation.