The new Filtersoft range of cartridge fi lters from Hi-line Industries are claimed to offer savings of up to 75% over comparable products, without compromising build quality, performance or anticipated service life. Filters can be supplied for use with a wide range of fl uids, including compressed air, gases, process liquids and hydraulic and lubricating oils. Filters can be adapted for particulate removal, vacuum mist elimination, instrument air, coalescing and odour absorption applications. Offering maximum chemical and thermal compatibility, the Filtersoft range is available in a range of sizes and end cap materials. A variety of confi gurations means they can be used as drop-in replacements for most fi lters. A multi-stage fi ltration effect, including impaction, direct interception and diffusion is achieved using ultrafi ne, 100% borosilicate glass microfi bres used as the body of the fi ltration element. Elements can be designed to fi t directly into existing fi lter housings without modifi cation or the need for special fi tting kits.