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  • Auto plant closures

    Calling stop on automotive supply chains: How long can companies survive the Covid-19 crisis?


    With the coronavirus pandemic causing a level of automotive plant shutdowns not seen since the second world war, suppliers and logistics providers will face failures without direct support from government, and close collaboration with OEMs and industry.

  • VW Uitenhage_South Africa

    AMS on Africa: Part 3 – Game plan for South Africa


    Despite competition elsewhere in the continent, South Africa retains its key place among global manufacturing strategies

  • Carlos Ghosn, Alliance 2022n Announcement 1-source copy

    With its architect in exile, the Alliance is destined for separation


    Having led the way on OEM collaboration and cooperation, Renault and Nissan seem set to unwind their alliance

  • Nissan headliner robot

    Nissan lines up its next-gen factory technology


    In preparation for its next generation of electrified, intelligent and connected vehicles, Nissan is introducing a programme of major advancements in its production operations

  • Ssangyong Motors Pyeongtaek

    Stumbling blocks on the Korea path


    Outside of the Hyundai-Kia story, Korea’s other automotive players continue to struggle and in global production terms the country is slipping down the rankings. Ian Henry reports

  • The external exoskeleton devices help reduce stresses placed on the muscles of line workers

    Nissan puts exoskeletons to the test


    Nissan has been testing new ergonomic-assistance devices to be worn by assembly workers performing overhead tasks  

  • EV charging illustration

    Global trade disputes could dim electric vehicle production potential in key markets


    Trade uncertainties such as those between the US and China, or the UK and the EU, could put the brakes on growth in the electric vehicle and battery supply chain for some OEMs and countries, despite bullish forecasts for alternative powertrains 

  • Nissan Qashqai Sunderland

    Nissan builds 10m vehicles at Sunderland


    UK - Nissan has hit a major milestone at its Sunderland plant 

  • Ford Focus Saarlouis

    Tariffs: controversy reigns with Trump and Brexit adding to confusion


    In President Trump somewhat simplistic analysis, trade wars fought through the medium of tariffs are easy to win. Angered, apparently, by seeing too many Mercedes and BMWs on Fifth Avenue, Trump has threatened to invoke section 232 of the 1962 US Trade Expansion Act, raising tariffs from ...

  • FC_Stack_Tank_Installation_4

    Working from home


    Ian Henry looks at how Japan’s OEMs are faring in their native land as they intensify supply to their own domestic market The domestic manufacturing networks of the major Japanese car companies have been stable in comparison to the extensive reorganisation, expansion and product re-allocations that have taken ...

  • On a twinning streak

    On a twinning streak


    Creating a digital twin of manufacturing operations can deliver development and efficiency benefits. Mike Farish reports 

  • Nissan production

    Allies at a crossroads


    While boardroom scandal and criminal allegations have tested this longstanding partnership, the ties that bind the Alliance OEMS remain firmly in place With the arrest in late 2018 of Carlos Ghosn, the man who has led the turnaround in the fortunes of both Renault and Nissan in recent ...

  • BMW_AM__mini-yours-customise

    Tornando a produção sob medida


    James Bakewell relata o uso crescente de peças produzidas aditivamente em aplicações de personalização para veículos e produção em série da BMW. Em 2006, quando Dominik Rietzel estava terminando sua tese de diploma na universidade, seu professor perguntou se ele gostaria de fazer um doutorado em moldagem por injeção. Rietzel ...

  • Honda Swindon Civic

    Honda closure deals blow to UK


    Honda has announced plans to close its Swindon plant at the end of the current model’s production lifecycle in 2021. The statement, which was published on the company’s website, refers to the changing nature of the global auto industry and Honda’s “commitment to electrified cars” as the main reasons behind ...

  • BMW_AM__mini-yours-customise

    Producción personalizada


    James Bakewell informa sobre el uso creciente de piezas de producción aditiva en BMW tanto para la personalización de vehículos como para las aplicaciones de personalización y producción en serie En 2006, cuando Dominik Rietzel finalizaba su tesis en la universidad su profesor le pregunto si quería realizar un doctorado ...

  • Carlos Ghosn

    In our next issue...


    Coming soon in our March-April issue… The Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance – We report on manufacturing operations as the OEM’s longstanding partnership faces testing times of scandal and corporate upheaval Japan – How are Japan’s OEMs faring at home as ...

  • Mazda Thailand

    Outra potência na Ásia


    Já consolidado como um centro de produção dinâmico e em rápido crescimento, a indústria automotiva do Sudeste Asiático está encontrando novas oportunidades para o crescimento da produção de veículos híbridos e de baterias Mais sobre a Ásia Desconforto no leste China segue em frente ...

  • Mazda Thailand

    La otra gran potencia de Asia


    La industria automotriz del sudeste asiático, que ya es un centro de fabricación dinámico y de rápido crecimiento, está encontrando nuevas oportunidades gracias al crecimiento de la producción de baterías y vehículos híbridos Más sobre Asia Incertidumbre en oriente China planifica su futuro ...

  • Hackett and Diess

    Ford and VW confirm their alliance; and raise questions …


    Ford CEO Jim Hackett, VW COE Herbert Diess After months of rumours and speculation, Ford and Volkswagen have announced an alliance which would begin with the co-development and production of vans and pick-ups; it offers the prospect of wider forms of co-operation, in other segments, electric ...

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    作为一个充满活力和快速增长的制造业中心,东南亚的汽车行业正在电池和混合动力汽车产量的增长中寻找进一步发展机会 More on Asia Unease in the East China charges ahead Asia Pacific 2017 东南亚汽车生产主要由两个国家主导,即泰国(每年约200万辆)和印尼(110万辆)。马来西亚有一个中等规模的生产国(50万辆一年),菲律宾产量较小(15万辆一年)。越南是这个集团的最后一个成员。 在该地区生产的绝大多数汽车是由日本汽车公司的全资或附属公司生产,或由一些欧洲公司的组装公司生产,主要是宝马,奔驰和大众。只有在马来西亚才有本国汽车公司,但宝腾(Proton)目前由中国吉利集团(Geely group)持有49.9%的股份,另一家Perodua 公司由大发(Daihatsu)持有部分股份,因此严重依赖大发/丰田的技术。 以下内容介绍了各国汽车制造业最近的主要发展。 泰国 泰国一直是日本汽车公司1吨皮卡的主要生产中心,尤其是三菱Triton/L200、丰田Hilux、五十铃D-Max和马自达b系列。日产目前在西班牙、阿根廷、墨西哥和南非也在生产Navara。此外,泰国制造的汽车种类也在扩大。在即将推出的新车型中,将有一款本土版的丰田C-HR紧凑型跨界车,该车型迄今为止已在日本和土耳其生产。 日产(Nissan)和本田(Honda)也在泰国进行电池和混合动力汽车的多元化生产。日产将在邦骚辛区开设一家工厂,利用其ePower技术生产混合动力车,包括在当地生产电池。本田在大城府(Ayutthaya)和普拉钦布里(Prachin Buri)的工厂也将采取同样的做法。日产将在新工厂投资约100万泰铢(合3.18亿美元),本田计划将其中的一半投在新工厂。 本田的Prachin Buri工厂据说是其技术最先进的工厂之一,它采用了一种可移动的电池结构,本田称之为组装革命电池(Assembly Revolution cell, ARC)生产线。这是传统生产线和组装单元的混合,工人在组装单元中有一系列的任务要完成,而不是在传统生产线上只执行每个阶段特定的单一标准任务。本田公司声称,这种安排的效率提高了约10%。比传统的线快)。系统的核心是将正确的部件直接交付到每个装配位置,从而节省工人在生产线旁的部件箱中寻找正确部件的时间;在这个系统中,工人也更加多才多艺,能够在整个工厂执行一系列任务,提高了生产力和灵活性。这家工厂的年产量高达12万辆(略高于本田在华42万辆总产能的四分之一)。这个新工厂生产的主要车型是思域轿车。 另一家日本汽车制造商马自达(Mazda)在发动机加工技术上投入巨资,扩大了在泰国的动力总成生产。约220亿泰铢将用于SkyActiv柴油和汽油发动机的机头和机座的新加工生产线,这些发动机在当地和马自达在该地区其他地方的组装作业中都使用。这使得发动机的年产量从3万辆增加到10万辆,增加了两倍。这些发动机中约有30%是出口的。该国制造的变速箱中约有80%是出口的。 从2019年起,宝马将在泰国生产PHEV电池,用于该国制造的少量宝马汽车。这家汽车制造商在泰国的产量将很快上升,X5将在泰国由美国生产,然后作为CBU车型运往中国。这将使宝马能够避免在中国对美国制造的汽车征收关税。根据这一安排,预计泰国将生产至多2万辆x5。奔驰采取与宝马类似的策略后,将投资约1亿欧元(合1.13亿美元),生产混合动力电池,用于C,E,S和GLE汽车装配。 多年来,日本一直是泰国的主要生产商,而欧洲高端品牌在一段时间内的组装量也很低,但中国企业在泰国正变得越来越活跃。例如,在2017年底,上汽集团在泰国开设了第二家工厂,目前在泰国生产的MG品牌车型已超过10万辆,主要面向该地区的多个右手驱动市场,也有少量车型出口回英国。 印度尼西亚 这是最大的区域市场和生产地点之一,出口比率强劲上升。例如,三菱从贝卡西工厂向菲律宾出口Xpander紧凑型MPV, 2018年的目标出口量为3万辆。该国还将向泰国(2018年为6000辆)和越南(2018年为1000辆)出口。该车型还将于2019年出口到中东和整个非洲,其中3至5万辆将用于东盟市场以外的出口。本财年Xpander总产量应达到12万台,明年将增至15万台。在总投资达到40亿日元(3,400万美元)之后,目前最大产能为16万辆每年。发动机来自尼桑在印尼的一家工厂,在当地的含量占80%。 丰田还在印尼扩展业务,目前主要是通过旗下子公司大发(Daihatsu)在印尼的子公司阿斯特拉(Astra)。生产力也在加大,足以生产Rush SUV,该车冠以Daihatsu Terio品牌。对菲律宾的出口热潮已经开始,未来几年,更多市场将接受这个车型。 丰田在印尼有5家工厂,都在雅加达附近;卡拉旺的两家汽车厂,同时在卡拉旺还有一家汽油发动机厂。Sunter有两家工厂及一家生产汽油发动机,一家生产冲压件和铸件。其他在印尼生产的车型包括丰田Sigra,据称其本地含量高达94%。还有两款车,Dahatsu Ayla和丰田Agya(尺寸与欧洲Aygo相似),也是由Astra Daihatsu生产的。除了日本扩大在印尼的产量外,中国企业也在印尼进行了投资,五菱在2017年投资7亿美元开设了一家工厂,DFSK汽车(DFSK Motors)目前投资1.5亿美元新建了一家工厂。 本田在该国有一家大型工厂,在西爪哇省卡拉旺的两家工厂生产7款车型,年生产能力总计20万辆。产品包括Mobilio、BR-V、HR-V、Jazz (Fit)、Brio ...