The new Inspector I40 2D vision sensor from SICK UK is said to inspect products faster, with better defi nition and higher detection reliability over wider fi elds of view. The I40 now offers improved data and image logging, with class-leading ease of use for a wide range of applications, including small parts assembly. The Inspector series is as easy to use as a standard photoelectric sensor. Housed in an IP67-protected case, the equipment features a choice of integral lighting, interchangeable fi lters and lenses, high-capacity processing and Ethernet communications. The Inspector I40 can be rapidly reconfi gured to suit changing application needs, with different lenses available to meet wide-fi eld inspection requirements or for inspecting smaller objects at up to 1,000mm, with corresponding variations in fi eld of view between 550mm and 150mm. An excellent resolution is retained at high speed for accuracy and rapid image processing. Individual items do not require identical positioning for inspection, as the software evaluates edges, contours, contrasts, grey-scale values or pixels relative to a defi ned location feature in the reference image. The I40 can be used with or without a part presence trigger. Image capture and evaluation of multiple references occur as soon as an object enters the fi eld of vision, without a trigger signal and thus reducing non-capture errors.-