The latest AMS edition is out with a special focus on automation opportunities, including for artificial intelligence and cobots. The issue features in-depth insight on robotics and new processes, with interviews featuring BMW, Fraunhofer, Drishti and many more.


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Supporting production through automation – OEMs apply AI to unlock automation opportunities 

The automotive manufacturing sector boasts high levels of automation, but there are areas of production that continue to require significant manual effort. This edition of AMS offers insights into some of the challenges of automating assembly operations, the growing role of artificial intelligence in production processes and how developments in machine learning could transform robot programming. We explore developments in cobots and other advances in robotic technology. 

We also learn about new projects and developments shaping automotive production and automation, including in-depth interviews with BMW’s global production boss, Milan Nedeljković, and the carmaker’s head of AI innovation in prodution system, Matthias Schindler. 

This issue features:

Plus expert insight Voice of the Industry:

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For more on innovations in automation and AI, watch the Automotive Manufacturing Solutions Livestream Hour focused on supporting production workers through new technology. This episode features Matthias Schindler, head of AI innovation for production at BMW, Paula Carsí, specialist in emerging technologies in production at Ford, along with experts from Symbio Robotics and Cosmo Tech.