screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-15-40-05In the process of putting together this first ATS supplement, we heard from among the key players in the automotive tier supplier market about shifting customer preference, greater connectivity and the drive to innovate. All recurring themes, common to every OEM in each global region. As we discovered from speaking to big players such as Continental, Visteon, GKN, Delphi, Henkel, Yanfeng and IAC, these issues apply strongly on their own manufacturing lines as they do for carmakers. In terms of parts, process and planning, the influence and enabling factors of digital technology are having a huge impact on their decision making.

Overview – we look at seven key issues from across the world of automative tier supplyAssembly language – Visteon’s flagship plant in Portugal offers a platform to innovate and find best practices it can roll out worldwide.Kaizen in Karben – Continental’s plant near Frankfurt provides shows how improvement by knowledge sharing comes in forms both old and new.Transfer of power – GKN is supporting the growth in electric and hybrid vehicle production with the development of its eDrive powertrains.Braking point – we looks at new developments in automotive braking, including the use of increasingly sophisticated performance modellingPloys against noise – in a joint project with Henkel, BMW is piloting new liquid-applied sound deadening material for series productionZero tolerance for error – we visit the high-precision machining operations at Delphi’s UK diesel injector manufacturing baseOperation & cooperation – the working relationship between design and manufacturing departments at Yanfeng is optimising processes, reduce costs and make the most of the best ideas.Injecting a dash of insulation – we report on IAC’s expansion of its production operations and why it favours injection-moulding processes

In addition, our From the Industry section includes contributions from: Siemens, Schenck RoTec, eFlex Systems, ArcelorMittal, Trumpf, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, ABB, AWL-Techniek, Starline Track Busway, EMAG and Nikon Metrology.