Leica Geosystems - part of the worldwide Hexagon Measurement Technologies stable – has launched its new laser tracker. Known as the Absolute, it sets new metrology industry standards for accuracy, durability, portability and ease of use.

The highly-advanced portable CMM weighs in at only 22kg and measures 62cm in height, making it the most compact laser tracker yet to emerge from Leica Geosystems. It is also the most robust, accurate, low-maintenance and thermally stable laser tracker on the market - brimful with new technology which the design team says will pave the way for new metrology products from Leica Geosystems in the future.

The Absolute family comprises three systems - the entry level Leica AT901-Basic, which provides users with a measurement volume of up to 80m, the Leica AT901-MR, a midrange laser tracker with 6DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) capabilities, and the rangetopping Leica AT901-LR. www.leica-geosystems.com