The Type 4504A torque sensor from Kistler Instruments is suited to applications where space is at a premium and operating conditions are far from ideal. The sensor is exceptionally slim and the flange-toflange configuration allows fitting from one side only, making it easy to install in-line with a wide range of test-rigs, including those for internal combustion engines, transmissions, electric motors and pumps. High torsional rigidity and precision dynamic response makes the Type 4504A suitable for use wherever reliability, long life and accuracy are demanded.

The torque and speed digital signal outputs minimise the risk of the signals being corrupted by electrical noise from other parts of the rig. The integrated magnetic speed measuring system is available in two versions, low and high resolution. The standard, low resolution system uses a simple 60 pulse design whilst the optional, high resolution version uses 180 to 3600 or 128 to 4096 pulses to provide angular resolution down to 0.02 degree at low speeds. Maximum speed is 15,000 rpm within the torque measuring range of 200 to 10,000 Nm. The integrated signal processing system provides a data link via an RS-232C interface, in addition to the ±10V output. A choice of three frequency ranges is available at the same cost.

The robust Type 4504A torque measuring flange is not susceptible to dirt, grease or oil ingress and is IP54 sealed.