Nikon MetrologyThe ModelMaker H120 portable laser scanner features blue laser technology, an ultra-fast frame rate, specially developed optics and offers the ability to measure challenging materials, claims Nikon Metrology. It also features thermal stability and temperature compensation.

The company says the scanner offers a field-of-view width up to 120mm and a point resolution down to 35μm. It’s claimed a frame rate of over 450Hz is available when measuring surfaces such as carbon fibre and gloss black as well as reflective or multi-coloured parts.

The system uses Nikon optics and a blue, low speckle laser to generate high accuracy, low noise data, which it’s claimed makes it possible to identify small scratches and abrasions on a surface. A scanner accuracy of 7μm (1 sigma) is stated by the company and a combined system accuracy, with Nikon Metrology’s MCAx articulated arms of up to 28μm (2 sigma).