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    Next-level corrosion protection


    A new version of BASF’s CathoGuard 800 e-coat is making the application process more efficient While the cathodic electrocoat (e-coat) is not visible on a coated vehicle, it is indispensable for any stable paint system: after the pre-treatment of the body-in-white, the e-coat forms the first layer in ...

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    Developing the sustainable paintshop


    Dermot Healy spoke to Dr Luigi Lazzari, executive director (Europe-Africa) at Geico Taikisha, about the company achieving its goal of a sustainable paintshop ahead of schedule Geico targeted a sustainable paintshop by June 2020, yet you’ve achieved this almost three years early. How did that come about? The ...

  • Eisenmann BMW Leipzig

    Paint technology and investments


    We report on the new technology, techniques and investments in the world of paintshop being implemented by vehicle-makers around the world… Eisenmann’s E-Shuttle 200 pre-treatment/electrocoating system will be part of the Leipzig upgrade Expansion at BMW Leipzig Eisenmann says it has been given overall ...

  • Carlos Ghosn Renault press image Jan 2017

    Going gets tough for Ghosn


    The alliance Ghosn championed is now cutting ties with him In recent days, Carlos Ghosn has been ousted as chairman of both Nissan and Mitsubishi and questioned by authorities in Japan on allegations of serious financial misconduct. Ghosn is the architect of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance ...

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    AGVs drive industry revolution


    JBT is working with automotive manufacturers to offer a range of a provider of automated guided vehicle solutions, in line with the transformation to Industry 4.0 Automotive manufacturers have become experts on automation. However, from the vantage point of automation suppliers, the needs of their automotive clients are ...

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    A focus on fibres


    Lightweight, high-strength benefits are being offset by materials and process costs. James Bakewell looks at the challenges of making carbon fibre cost effective Used for the first time in earnest by Volvo, carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) will feature in the £135,000 ($176,400) Polestar 1’s bonnet, boot lid, side ...

  • Skoda Karoq Kvasiny

    Volkswagen to alter European output


    Germany - Volkswagen has revealed plans to expand production capacity by building a new plant in Eastern Europe. It will be a multi-brand plant, making various vehicles under the different marques of the VW Group, and will play a key role in the company's competitiveness in the region. "We have ...

  • Daimler Bremen

    A positive response


    Daimler is embarking on a major corporate restructuring in the hope of improving its ability to face upcoming challenges in the automotive sector The restructuring currently underway at Daimler is due to be complete by 2020 and the plan centres on creating legally independent AG companies, Mercedes-Benz AG, Daimler ...

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    Interview: Daniël Bottema, AWL-Techniek


    Daniël Bottema, research and development manager at AWL-Techniek BV, talked to Dermot Healy about the role AWL hope to play developing the fully automated factory of the future You have been speaking recently about the fully automated factory in presentations to customers. How far along the automation road ...

  • FCA Chrysler Drive HQ

    The break-up of Fiat Chrysler gathers pace


    A couple of years ago, Ferrari became an independent quoted company, separate from Fiat Chrysler . This was followed by the separation of CNH Industrials, the holding company for Iveco Trucks. Now Fiat Chrysler has spun off its components activity, Magneti Marelli, to CK Holdings in a deal worth over ...

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    Juntando la piezas del rompecabezas


    Ian Henry identifica seis temas principales en los traslados, fusiones y adquisiciones que se están produciendo en el sector de proveedores automotrices primarios Hay seis cuestiones que caracterizan el sector del suministro automotriz actualmente: las fusiones y adquisiciones en curso, los retos financieros de la base de suministros, las contrataciones, ...

  • Mahle Real Drive Emissions Centre

    To gauge the new age


    Mike Farish visits a new facility operated by Mahle designed to help OEMs transition to the updated compulsory emissions testing regime, WLTP From the 1st September 2018 it became compulsory for all new cars registered withinthe area of the European Union to comply with a strict new vehicle fuel ...

  • Yasa production facility, Oxford

    Academic circles


    Mike Farish visits Oxford-based start-up YASA, a special electric motor company sprung from academia that’s now attracting the attention of premium OEMs Early this year a bland-looking industrial estate a few miles to the north of Oxford officially became the manufacturing site for what one of its residents believes to ...

  • Schaeffler bearings

    Schaeffler to shut two UK plants


    UK - Global automotive supplier Schaeffler has announced the closure of two plants. The first is located in Llanelli, Wales, and houses the production of mechanical tappets and bearings for car makers. The other is in Plymouth, England, where spindle bearings and machine parts for the company s industrial division ...

  • Ford Saarlouis hot-forming

    Ford automates hot-forming process


    Germany - Ford has integrated a automated hot-forming line at its Saarlouis plant, which is located two hours south west of Frankfurt, where it makes the Focus. The company says it is the first time this process has been automated. It works by subjecting boron steel to temperatures of up ...

  • Checking hot stamp line performance on a phone in Abrera

    Opportunity 4.0


    Nick Gibbs travels to Barcelona to discover how Gestamp’s own digital revolution is driving efficiency improvements in its energy-hungry hot-stamping operations When your company has expanded to more than 100 production plants, you want to keep a close watch on the production lines in those plants. Especially when you ...

  • BMW Dingolfing battery production

    BMW Dingolfing to make Mini batteries


    Germany - BMW is investing an undisclosed amount in its Dingolfing plant in order to house the production of batteries for the all-electric Mini. The 'mid-double-digit-million-euro' amount will be used to construct a new assembly line and to implement 'extensive remodelling' measures. "With the launch of new models and growing ...

  • Novares Leiria Plant inspection table

    Set the controls


    Expertise in plastic component manufacturing will be in ever greater demand during the emobility age. In preparation, global supplier Novares has taken on a new form Following a period of reorganisation and rebranding, the Mecaplast-Key Plastics group spent 2018 settling in to its new identity – Novares The ...

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    Ian Henry 全球汽车主要供应商的动向、合并和转让中找出了6 个主题。 这6个主题代表了汽车业目前的主要特点:未来合并与收购,供应基地面临的财务挑战,产品系列重组与改组,新厂投资,电动车供应商新贵,贸易制度与关税变化(尤其是美国引起的)带来的多重挑战。在本文中,我们将依次讨论每个主题,网罗全球典型案例来解释每个论题,以及行业的应对措施。尽管每个领域的最终结果还不确定,但是我们非常肯定的是 — 还会出现更加深入的变化。 Fiat Chrysler认为,Magneti Marelli的销量足以支持公司未来的重组,以及电气化和无人驾驶汽车的开发 1. 并购进行时 — 近几年的速度已减缓 多年来,并购依然成为汽车供应业的一个常规特点,而且这个并购的持续趋势无人质疑。然而,大型并购交易的数量已经明显减少,尽管还有一个大型交易正在进行中 — 这就是菲亚特克莱斯勒(Fiat Chrysler)出售马瑞利(Magneti Marelli)。私营企业KKR是可能性最高的买家,有可能会合并马瑞利与日本康奈可(Calsonic Kansei),后者为KKR旗下公司。该交易价为60亿欧元(包括债务),而对马瑞利公司的安排早在Sergio Marchionne去世之前就得到菲亚特克莱斯勒董事会的批准。菲亚特克莱斯勒可以得到巨大的资金注入,完成后续的重组,并在未来的几年里转型电动车与无人驾驶汽车。此外,此次交易对汽车公司与供应商的合作模式也具有重要影响。 而康奈可在这种安排下,可以使日产(Nissan)释放资本,减轻从专属供应商处采购的义务,而这个供应商不一定是所有合约中最具竞争力的供应商。这个题目也可适合于菲亚特克莱斯勒,公司能够从全球供应商或地区专营公司处采购,而不用为自己经营一个公司而烦恼不已。康奈可与马瑞利的产品重叠部分非常少(合作会得到规模效应),因此KKR将获得新的产品市场,并且加强在汽车市场中的影响力,其范围超过菲亚特克莱斯勒。在马瑞利内部,真正的胜利是汽车照明(Automotive Lighting)公司,这是全球五大供应商之一,与史丹利(Stanley)、京东(Koito)、海拉(Hella)和法雷奥(Valeo)齐名。公司在欧洲占据近30%的市场份额,与海拉和法雷奥相当。 尽管在照明方面极具实力,但是马瑞利与康奈可也无法抵制住整个行业面临的挑战。 面临利润警告是当前很多供应商共同的特点,甚至是没有提到的供应商也是如此,因为利润空间比理想少很多。此举推动了合并的深入发展,而且日本电气供应商Pioneer公司也声称,想要与康奈可和KKR合并组件合资公司。最近的并购案件还有: 日本瑞萨科技公司(Renesas Electronics)正在考虑收购美国供应商集成设备技术公司(Integrated Device Technology),因为瑞萨公司试图加强无人驾驶汽车芯片制造能力和技术。据称,该交易价值60亿美元,与马瑞利收购案相当,充分说明了市场转变的特点,以及新技术公司价值高于成熟产品公司的特点。 德国座椅组件供应商格拉默(Grammer)公司以2.71亿美元的价格收购而托雷多模具公司(Toledo Molding and Die)。之后格拉默在美国的10家工厂及墨西哥的1加工厂销售额达到3亿美元。TMD制造车门面板、车柱、车套箱及中控零部件,这些都加到格拉默座椅组件阵容中,拓宽了客户终端道路。 台湾国巨(Yageo)公司5月份宣布,要以7.4亿美元的价格收购Pulse Electronics公司,提高国巨在汽车电器领域中的影响力,尤其是无人驾驶汽车。 2. 财务挑战 正如上面提到的,知名汽车组件供应商通常不会生成很大的利润。这是因为汽车市场本身对商品市场的价格压力很大,而且供应商投资新技术要承受相应的成本压力。 Continental计划独立动力传动公司,积极应对汽车业出现的变化 这种压力的产生的结果之一就是时不时地出现盈利警报,其影响非常残忍且令人措手不及。举例来说,当Continental公司在2017年8月公布第二次盈利警报的时候,公司的股价在两天内就下跌17%。ZF也爆出令人失望的财务业绩。公司上个季度的收益下滑道10.6亿欧元(一年前是12亿欧元)。公司认为收益下降的原因是原材料价格上涨、汇率动荡,以及研发成本增长。 据 Automotive News Europe 报道,Continental公司面临的压力在业内也有所反应,全球的一级供应商的股价5年市盈率的折让幅度在20%至30%之间,这种折让可以吸引注入KKR这样的买家。因此他们对马瑞利表示感兴趣,其他供应商也是如此。 ……有些成功也是如此 不是所有的公司都面临这样的财务挑战,有些公司已经提前预测到技术及市场变化,因此结果是积极的。举例来说,麦格纳(Magna)公司称,2018年第一季度净收入达到6.6亿美元,同比上涨21%,尽管这种增长来自合约汽车而生产(为梅赛德斯、奔驰和捷豹路虎生产)。 但公司的车镜及电子组件业务的销量和利润也出现了强势增长。公司也发出预警,认为NAFTa协议和关税会带来不测。 ...

  • ZF ATS2019

    Piecing it all together


    Ian Henry identifies six themes from the moves, mergers and makeovers underway in the global automotive tier supply sector Six themes characterise the automotive supply sector at present, namely: ongoing M A, the financial challenges faced by the supply base, restructuring and realignment of product portfolios, investment in new ...