Power Electronics Box (PEB) production at the Aveiro facility in Portugal promises enhanced scalability and efficiency in meeting the rising demand for hybrid vehicle components.

HORSE, dedicated to innovative and environmentally friendly powertrain systems, has initiated the production of its Power Electronics Box (PEBs) at its facility in Aveiro, Portugal, beginning April 15th, 2024. The PEB, a critical component in the hybrid vehicle powertrain, manages the electric motors in HORSE’s hybrid (HEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) systems. 

The PEB is said to be redesigned for fewer wiring harnesses to provide enhanced robustness and reliability, and integrates several critical systems into a single unit, including power inversion, conversion, control and cooling functions.


Power Electronics Box (PEB) production at the Aveiro facility

Patrice Haettel, CEO of HORSE, said: “The start of Power Electronic Box production in Aveiro marks a significant milestone as it signifies the transition towards electronic component manufacturing for HORSE in Portugal. Additionally, we are using an innovative production process which enables us to have a significant competitive advantage. This substantially increases our production capacity, ensuring that we can deliver key hybrid vehicle technologies to our customers worldwide. The Aveiro production line enhances our flexibility and productivity while serving as a beacon of Industry 4.0, reaffirming our position as a leading provider of low-carbon combustion and hybrid powertrain systems.”

The Aveiro plant, Portugal

Selected for its industrial ability, Aveiro’s plant, with over forty years of manufacturing expertise in gearboxes and engines, ventures into electronic component production for the first time. The plant is home to several sustainability initiatives such as a private photovoltaic field.

Raynald Joly, Plant Director at HORSE Aveiro, added: With a 1,300-strong workforce, the Aveiro plant is an outstanding center of skills and technology that’s ideally placed to serve customers as the primary site for manufacturing such an important product within hybrid vehicles. With over forty years as a world-leading automotive manufacturing site, this new production along with our ongoing transformation plan will confirm the status of HORSE Aveiro as a new innovative technology business unit for and beyond the automotive industry.”


Aveiro plans to produce 60,000 units this year, increasing to 230,000 by 2025, with investments in training and innovations for efficiency and safety

The assembly line seeks 60,000 units this year alone

Initial production targets for Aveiro include 60,000 units on the new assembly line this year, with plans to ramp up to 230,000 units by 2025. Significant investments have been made in staff training and modern industrial innovations to ensure efficiency, quality, and safety in production.

HORSE operates globally with eight production plants across seven countries and three R&D centers. Despite being less than a year old, HORSE has shown remarkable growth, driven by R&D and the new commercial partnerships.