The Zuffenhausen plant is reaping the benefits of a digital ecosystem with Automated Guided Vehicles streamlining its production processes and preparing for wider deployment

Porsche’s Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart, plant has been busy enhancing its production ecosystem with €250m investment, focused on mixed production lines and smart factory principles in sports car manufacturing. As part of this flexible and efficient transformation, the carmaker has now deployed a digital, cloud-based in-plant logistics system within Zuffenhausen, controlled by the MHP FleetExecuter.

“This is the first time in the company’s history that a centralised fleet management system has been used,” the carmaker comments. The system is an example of software integration into existing IT infrastructures and is now operational at a number of key plants at Zuffenhausen “where it serves as a functional core for automating the logistics process.”


The FleetExecuter system is soon expected to be extended to the production of other vehicle models such as the Taycan

Porsche has revealed that the FleetExecuter system will be extended to manufacture other vehicle models such as the Taycan, “in the near future.”

The digital production and process automation system will be implemented across several projects and include hundreds of vehicles in various Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) fleets “with over 300 functions.”

FleetExecuter deployed for automated material handling: sees 20% effciency boost

Zuffenhausem has implemented its automated material handling system utilising a fleet of 27 AGVs; responsible for carrying out a number of production-related tasks across 1,600 material transports, including loading runs, across a distance of 750 metres within the facility.

The coordination and management of this extensive AGV fleet, as well as the various supporting assets involved, handled by the MHP FleetExecuter software system, allows for the integration and orchestration of both new and older equipment, such as lifts, high-speed doors, and existing systems.


The MHP FleetExecuter software has the potential to increase plant production efficiency by up to 20% according to Porsche

As the AGVs navigate the facility, they negotiate a complex network of automated systems, including four automatic gates, a double lift system, and four intersecting third-party systems, all while moving between the different high-bay storage racks. 

Porsche has said that the MHP FleetExecuter software has the potential to increase plant production efficiency by up to an impressive 20 percent.

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Marc Lösken, Head of Porsche Brand Logistics offered comment: “I am pleasantly surprised that the project got off to such a successful start despite the short realisation time of just 9 months.”

A Porsche press release supported, saying: “Four parties with 100 participants were involved in the project and a number of connections had to be made to internal and external systems. But despite this, the FleetExecuter was able to go into automatic operation on time. Plants 2 and 3 at Porsche in Zuffenhausen went live in June 2023.


“We are dealing with a completely new type of architecture here” - Henning Hiebsch, Partner and Business Owner FleetExecuter at MHP

“Ten more projects will follow, including in “Bau 70”, the assembly hall for the Porsche Taycan, where new AGVs will be supporting production supply.”

Albrecht Reimold, Member of the Executive Board for Production and Logistics at Porsche AG, added: “By using the MHP FleetExecuter, we are much more efficient and flexible in our internal plant logistics. It allows us to control our ever-increasing number of driverless transport systems precisely. At the same time, the software-controlled transport systems allow us to cut out some trips previously made by HGVs and so make a contribution to sustainability.”

Henning Hiebsch, Partner and Business Owner FleetExecuter at MHP said: “We are dealing with a completely new type of architecture here. In order to meet the individual requirements at Porsche, we have configured and enhanced the solution to fully guarantee process-critical production supply to 100 percent. Despite its technical complexity, its use remains intuitive for the operator.”