Toyota's Miyata plantJapan – Vehicle-makers have been obliged to temporarily suspend production at a number of plants after earthquakes in the south of the country on April 14 and April 16.

Honda initially announced a suspension of production until April 22 at its Kumamoto factory but has now extended this to April 28, because of damage to the facility. Production plans will depend upon progress made in repairing the plant and restoring components supply. Honda's mini-vehicles subsidiary, Yachiyo Industry, will shift to limited production from April 22. Other manufacturing facilities are expected to operate as normal.

Toyota stated that, due to parts shortages, it will halt production on its vehicle assembly lines in stages during April 18-23. The Toyota plants affected are: Takaoka (Lines 1 and 2), Tsutsumi (Lines 1 and 2), Tahara (Lines 1 and 3) and Motomachi (Line 1 and LFA Works).

The affected Toyota Group plants are:

Toyota Motor Kyushu – Miyata Plant (Lines 1 and 2);Toyota Auto Body – Inabe Plant (Lines 1 and 2), Fujimatsu Plant (Line 1), Yoshiwara Plant (Lines 1 and 2);Toyota Motor East Japan – Higashi Fuji Plant, Iwate Plant (Lines 1 and 2), Miyagi Ohira Plant;Toyota Industries Corporation (301 and 302);Toyota Auto Body – Fujimatsu Plant (Line 2);Gifu Auto Body;Hino Motors – Hamura Plant (Lines 1 and 2);Daihatsu Motor – Kyoto Plant.

Nissan and Mitsubishi also experienced disruption to their manufacturing operations.