Dow Corning offers a full range of proven and cost-effective Molykote Smart Lubrication solutions to help OEMs and their suppliers eliminate the causes of interior noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). The noise-damping Molykote specialty lubricants are formulated with and without solid lubricants in synthetics, mineral oils and silicone. Specific choices can help:

• Reduce noise from actuators, switches, plastic gears, seat guides and sunroof slides;
• Enhance tactile quality and acoustics of cupholders, glove boxes, grip handles, seatbelt systems, adjustable steering columns and pedal systems;
• Eliminate squeaks and rattles from airbag modules, actuator cables and audio controls;
• Control stick-slip noise from arm rests, dashboards, consoles, door trims and seating;
• Add a high-quality feel to sun visors, mirrors, headrest sliders and multimedia systems; and
• Reduce noise and vibration from rubber and plastic seals, shift assemblies, HVAC vents, brake cables, and wiper bearings.

“Interior comfort is a major factor impacting perceived quality in today’s vehicles,” said Ivan Mini, Global Automotive Interiors Dow Corning. “Our noise-damping specialty lubricants can be economical design and production aids for helping vehicle manufacturers eliminate undesirable interior squeaks, rattles, buzzes and vibrations.”

According to Dow Corning, Molykote lubricants often can be more economical than using tapes and foams to eliminate certain interior NVH problems.