Circulating tape instead of wear-inducing electrodes characterise the completely new robot electrode system for resistance spot welding from Fronius. The tapes used in DeltaSpot protect the electrodes and the workpieces, prevent spatter and set new quality standards. The process is characterised by absolutely repeatable welding points and, compared to conventional resistance spot welding, a signifi cant increase in the size of the process window.

Particularly suited to the automobile industry and its suppliers, the process is suitable for metals such as steel and aluminium, for coated sheet steel and for joining coated sheet steel and aluminium. DeltaSpot also facilitates accurate spot welding of three-sheet joins. As well as availability, reliability and a spatterfree environment, quality management and documentation become much easier and thus more accurate. As each welding point leaves a "fingerprint" on the tape, quality control is facilitated 100 per cent.