AWL has developed a complete line of advanced welding cells suitable for high levels of output and complex product operating conditions. Part of the ‘Advanced’ line, the Basic Arc Welding Cell ensures a high up-time, translating to improved productivity. The integrated modules are selfcontained and are a great asset in the manufacturing of various products, such as car seats, car door frames, sub-assemblies and other small components. This welding cell is equipped with an index table on which two fi xtures can be mounted. Two robots are placed inside the cell, with the option for a third robot. The whole cell forms a single safe zone, with the option to place more cells together to form a complete production line. AWL has also launched the Basic Arc XL, designed for working with larger parts. The new Basic Arc XL offers fi xtures measuring 1,500 x 2,500mm. As the fi xtures are able to rotate on the index table, the Basic Arc XL provides ample reach and ergonomic benefi ts. The Basic Arc XL is especially suitable for long, slim products such as cross car beams and car bumpers. These products can be placed in the fi xture, still leaving room for additional products. The additional space further offers the opportunity to weld four car doors (two per fi xture) in one cell.