EdgeCAM has released EdgeCAM 11.5 – its latest advanced CNC offline programming system. Offering time savings of up to 50 per cent in the generation of cutter toolpaths, the latest EdgeCAM release delivers a wealth of new functionality to support machining on both traditional and latest generation multi-axis machines.

EdgeCAM 11.5 further expands the application’s established multi-axis simultaneous machining strategies. Improvements to the system’s 5-axis capabilities help to streamline the programming of machines with standard or complex table confi gurations, for example, nutated tables.

New in version 11.5 is a 5-axis roughing capability that addresses the machining requirements of industries including automotive. Manufacturing fl exibility is increased by new Multiple Pass and Multiple Depth options, which can be applied individually or in combination for the generation of multiple roughing passes – plus fi nishing cuts if required. In addition, the order of these passes is user-defi ned, offering greater toolpath control.

Also included is EdgeCAM’s Part Modeler 3D modelling tool is specifi cally designed for fast and accurate construction or editing of solid models. Version 11.5 sees the introduction of a new userfriendly interface, incorporating customisable menus and toolbars with advanced features such as fl youts and extended tooltips. It is entirely consistent with other EdgeCAM modules and is both intuitive and easy to use, providing a smooth and seamless transition from design to manufacture.