ABB’s 3D quality inspection solution is a suite of hardware and software solutions that provide automatic part inspection that far exceeds the capabilities of manual inspection in speed, accuracy and repeatability.

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Controlling quality is vital to ensure that products achieve consistency, comply with standards, and meet customers’ expectations. It minimizes waste and ensures that production operates efficiently. If faulty products are allowed into the market, it can be enormously costly for manufacturers in recall costs, potential litigation, and reputational damage.

The challenge is that fast, accurate inspection and testing is difficult. Manual inspection can be extremely time consuming, while automated systems must be delivered to high specifications to ensure that no errors or faults occur, while also providing comprehensive data recording should auditing be required at a later date.

Learn how ABB’s 3D quality inspection robot can make your metrology processes up to ten times faster while simplifying them. Equally important, we will show, how detailed reports can support and add value to your quality processes.

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Toni Roda
Product Manager Vision and Press Automation
ABB Robotics - Global Product Management

Toni has been working in ABB since 2003. As global product manager in Robotics, he is in charge of vision products and press automation products and solutions.


Carlos Pastor
3D Vision and Metrology Sales Area Manager
ABB Robotics – 3DVM Global Solutions Center

Carlos has worked in ABB since 1996. He has wide experience in robotics having covered several positions in sales management. As 3D Vision and Metrology Sales area manager, he is in charge of piloting sales activities in Asia and the Americas.


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