The shape and size of a typical paint booth would seem an ideal candidate for modularisation, and one company has introduced a compact and scaleable solution for a truly flexible paintshop 

Dürr claim their EcoReBooth means less complexity with maximum energy and space efficiency combined in a paint booth. With EcoReBooth, Dürr has carried out a re-design in the truest sense of the word. This innovative paint booth concept completely integrates the components for process air conditioning beneath the spray booth. Combined with the energy-saving EcoDryScrubber technology, the result is a compact overall concept for a modularly constructed, efficient paint line.

ecoreboothThe EcoReBooth development has been driven by some serious thinking about how to improve the design of a spray booth. The engineers at Dürr decided to completely re-examine all aspects of booth design. This philosophy became the slogan for EcoReBooth: Rethink your idea of a paint booth. Dürr was able to introduce the results of these studies to its customers just in time for its open house, a week-long in-house exhibition in Bietigheim-Bissingen (Germany) in May this year. The ‘Re’ in EcoReBooth refers to all the customer benefits offered by the concept and which run through all of the product's ideas.

‘Re’ as in reliable
The modular paint booth concept is based on Dürr’s EcoDryScrubber technology, a globally-proven concept for the dry separation of paint overspray. This separates wet overspray from the spray booth without using water or chemicals, and instead uses dry filters. The absence of water allows for extensive air recirculation and only a small amount of fresh air needs to be conditioned. The EcoReBooth uses the second generation of the EcoDryScrubber technology. The individual separation modules can accommodate up to 60 filter elements. Therefore a larger filtration surface is available than previously, and thus fewer standardized EcoDryScrubber modules are required. The use of limestone powder in the filtration process remains unchanged. Rather than using compressed air, the material is now fluidized by a purely mechanical process. This makes the system more robust. The EcoDryScrubber modules take up only one side of the booth’s ‘basement’. The Dürr engineers have integrated the space-saving process air conditioning system in the space thus gained on the other side, below the grating.

‘Re’ as in recirculate
In the EcoReBooth, both the ducts and the air recirculation technology – including fan, cooler and humidifier – are integrated in the booth cross-section beneath the spray booth. The EcoDryScrubber and the air technology are thus placed right across from each other. All maintenancerelated components are on one level in the space-optimized arrangement, a plus for accessibility and maintenance. Thanks to the integrated process air technology only the fresh air units need to be housed in the penthouse. In ideal cases the penthouse can even be eliminated altogether.

This means lower building investments in greenfield projects and space savings when retrofitting existing paint shops, and this can be used for offices or storage areas, for example. Due to the considerably smaller duct works placed directly on the booth itself, all of the air recirculation ducts to the penthouse can be eliminated. The remaining duct work for fresh and exhaust air is drastically simplified. Costly ceiling breaks are reduced to a minimum. Lastly, the air recirculation mode additionally allows air conditioning that is almost independent of climate and location. The EcoReBooth is therefore suitable for use in all regions of the world.

‘Re’ as in redesign
With EcoReBooth there is a standardized paint booth module. This results in minimal system interfaces and changes to ecorebooththe building. The length of the individual sections can be scaled. Depending on the length, up to five EcoDryScrubber modules are housed in one EcoReBooth. This principle allows for a flexible and easy adjustment of the airflow, and even individual air conditions in each painting zone. EcoReBooth is also ideal for the reconstruction of existing plants, thanks to its compact design.

‘Re’ as in reduce
All the benefits of the EcoDryScrubber also apply to EcoReBooth: helped by air recirculation, the energy costs in the booth are reduced by up to 60%. Dry separation eliminates the use of water and coagulation chemicals. Thanks to the optimum coordination of components, the space needed for the EcoReBooth and its associated process air technology have all been minimized. The compact air recirculation system with its integrated ducts consumes less energy and chemicals for reconditioning the air.

‘Re’ as in reshape
The compact layout allows for a slim booth with no interfering external contours. Thus, for example, tracks and walkways right next to the painting area are possible. Snags on the air duct are virtually eliminated. Several independent paint booth modules in series form the line when the work is finished. The symmetrical contour on the interior provides a uniform air speed. The sleek surfaces enable simple masking with foil and easy cleaning. The EcoReBooth rests on its own steelwork. This allows quick installation and dismantling. The EcoDryScrubber modules are delivered pre-assembled, which speeds up booth assembly even further.

‘Re’ as in result
In summary, EcoReBooth means less complexity with maximum energy and space efficiency. According to Dürr's philosophy the painting line of the future has been modularly designed from individual EcoReBooth segments. These are fundamental components in the Eco+Efficiency system from which Dürr develops new products. For this reason, Dürr emphasizes that both economic and environmental improvements lead directly to an increase in efficiency. The result is the Eco+Paintshop, an innovative approach to a sustainable paint shop.