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    Pressing the advantage


    Pressing matters in China Press hardening The press shop marks the beginning of the automotive production process. Here, as chassis parts are shaped from precisely cut metal blanks, while corresponding tool sets create body parts such as side frames, doors, bonnets and roofs from sheet metal of various thicknesses. Material ...

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    AMS 10th Anniversary: Pressing, tool & die


    Hi-tech tooling Stronger die steels Latest and greatest It was not until the oil crisis of the 1970s, together with the rapid penetration of Japanese-built vehicles into Western markets, that European and American carmakers were forced to update antiquated press lines. Faced with an increasing demand for lighter, more aerodynamic ...

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    Speeding up during global slowdown


    Theoretical analysis Handling a bonnet on a stamping line Step 1 Step 2 Conclusions after Step 1 and Step 2 Step 3 Conclusions after Step 3 Friction cups - crucial components in high-speed sheet metal fabrication Choose the correct friction cup In many cases, metal fabrication involves a process of ...

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    Pressing ahead at Volvo


    Volvo Car’s new transfer line is the latest interpretation of so-called classical manufacturing. AMS talks with Jonas Knutsson about the technologies that make it possible New take on an old idea Haste makes no waste Alist of the attributes of a classical manufacturing ‘transfer line’ reads like a litany of ...

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    Digital modelling for stamping


    Life-cycle harmony Decision drivers and dependencies in vehicle development life cycle Technology enablers Holistic benefits Virtual die technology embraced in the past decade has grown by quantum leaps, and those who embraced the technology in the early stages of its development are starting to realise superiority in competitiveness, productivity and ...

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    Simulation helps you get it right


    By using the correct simulation software prior to the whole stamping process being carried out, OEMs can make cost savings by reducing engineering, manufacturing and tryout time, thus remaining competitive in a saturated global market The challenges of BIW manufacturing Simulation is your way to get it right, every time ...

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    Finding a second home


    With the right expertise in house, using pre-owned presses or reconditioned robots keeps costs down and means less of an impact on the planet. AMS looks at the pros and cons of the second hand market Multipurpose presses Refurbishing the robot Growing the low end New combinations Problem products Selling ...

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    Hot stamping technology moves on


    High strength-to-weight ratio, high part complexity and high shape accuracy are all benefits of an exciting new manufacturing technology Achieving austenitisation Heat transfer Stamping and hardening Cooling speeds are critical Weight saving, reduction of CO 2 emissions and the improvement of crash safety, these are some of today’s important ...

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    A heavy demand for lightweight construction


    Making steel high strength means lightening the load for carmakers, and applications are extending to stamped and rolled components.Structure and safetyThe steel revolutionManufacturing concernsHigh-strength in actionAnother GalaxyIn modern vehicle manufacturing the demand for lightweight, high-strength steels, including the latest dual-phase materials, is increasing because of the overall blend of structural, ...