Dürr Ecoclean has replaced the standard 6-axis jointed-arm robot with a proprietary scara manipulator in its new EcoCFlex 3, claiming this offers improved process reliability, quality and energy efficiency in pre-cleaning and final cleaning of powertrain components.
The system is available in two sizes; 3M and 3L versions. The scara manipulator developed by the company replaces the standard commercial 6-axis jointed-arm robot and is claimed to improve the reliability of the operation. Specifically designed for use in a robot cell, this handling system is made of high-strength aluminium and stainless steel and is resistant to high-pressure water jets, immersion and high booth temperatures (up to 65°C). A single joint CNC control unit for the scara manipulator and the cleaning machine replaces the previously required PLC and robot controller. This simplifies and accelerates the programming, operation and maintenance claims Dürr.