Rear axle, PorscheChina – The agreement between the two organisations, which was signed in Shanghai, will result in “extensive” co-operation in research, engineering and education. The partnership will mirror that between the Porsche Engineering subsidiary in Prague and the Czech Technical University, with joint activities in the fields of aerodynamics, thermodynamics, test bench tests and analyses.

The two partners have already worked together for some time, but the managing director of Weissach-based Porsche Engineering, Malte Radmann, says the new co-operation “provides us with a further module to cover the whole spectrum of customer orders”.

Wolfgang Hatz, chairman of the Shareholders’ Committee of Porsche Engineering and member of the executive board – Research and Development of Porsche, added: “Firstly, this will help us in future to meet the wishes of our Chinese customers more flexibly and efficiently, and secondly it also intensifies our exchange with the research and scientific community.”