Japan – The vehicle-maker will offer 205 engineering, 260 manufacturing and 40 administrative positions in its home country in the fiscal year ending (FYE) March 2018. Mazda also released estimated recruitment figures for FYE March 2017.

Recruits for FYE March 2017 will total 475, broken down into 185 engineering, 260 manufacturing and 30 administrative positions. High-school graduates can apply for manufacturing and engineering roles, although some of the latter will be filled by individuals who attended graduate school, university, technical college or vocational college. Administrative recruits will have passed through graduate school, university, junior college or vocational college.

“We are looking for people who refuse to be satisfied with the status quo, who have a vision and single-mindedly take on new challenges to achieve it, and who can consistently conduct themselves in good faith from the customer's point of view,” stated Takeshi Fujiga, executive officer with responsibility for Global Human Resources.