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  • Econyl2

    Re-evaluating recycled materials


    Carmakers are increasingly looking into ways of reducing the environmental impact of their vehicle manufacture – and one way to do this is by using more recycled materials in their cars. But how can they go about this?

  • 22C0296_02

    Mercedes looks to chemical recycling to further develop circular manufacturing operations


    The carmaker says it is working to increase the proportion of recycled materials in its car fleet to an average of 40% by 2030

  • fossil-free_steel_bar_500g_vs_standard_steel_7254

    Creating sustainable steel – AMS Expert Interview with SSAB


    In this podcast steel producer SSAB discusses how it is targeting fossil free production as the drive for sustainable materials in automotive applications gathers pace

  • First_delivery_of_fossil_free_steel 2

    SSAB says making climate-neutral vehicles has already begun


    Decarbonizing the entire automotive supply chain seems like a daunting challenge, but it has already begun. SSAB offers some insights into some successful projects using fossil-free steel

  • b-S16_0343_fine

    Porsche: Inside the Macan paintshop


    During our recent AMS Livestream on developing and operating more sustainable, flexible paintshops, Henning Steinborn, head of paintshop and Klaus Koberg, who is head of paintshop Maintenance, both from Porsche’s Leipzig plant, offered some insights into how the premium vehicle maker has developed its paint operations

  • Jack Nunes, Lear; Johanna Klewitz, Audi

    It all adds up to zero – counting the ways to net carbon zero manufacturing


    Sustainability leaders from Audi and Lear explain how the companies are working across the value chain to decarbonise manufacturing

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    Lightweighting the EV is a challenge to celebrate


    There is a new impetus to save weight as vehicles become powered by electric powertrains. Reducing the weight of a vehicle by optimising the mix of materials and the application in design is now a key focus.

  • Responsible Lithium Partnership

    Cross-sector partnership to promote sustainable materials sourcing in Chile


    Daimler, VW, BASF and Fairphone have set up the Responsible Lithium Partnership to to promote sustainable development and tackle the negative impacts of material sourcing, beginning with a multi-stakeholder initiative into the impact of lithium mining in Chile

  • AMS Environment and Sustainability cover 2

    AMS Environment and Sustainability 2020 – Greener production, battery recycling, decarbonising materials and more


    For the automotive industry environmental sustainability is not just important for the vehicles they produce, it is also a key factor in the production process. This edition of AMS takes a close look at sustainable production, utilising recycled materials and renewable energy sources

  • JLR says it’s committed to developing the next generation of sustainable materials for use in future models

    JLR to create sustainable luxury interiors using plastic waste


    Future models will feature floor mats and trims made from ECONYL yarns produced from plastic waste and utilising a process that reduces emissions in production by 90% compared with the material produced from oil

  • The Precept highlights Polestar’s path for digital technology and the use of sustainable materials in both the interior and exterior structures

    Polestar confirms the Precept will enter production


    Described by the company as a commitment car not a concept car, the Precept will be built at a new state-of-the-art production facility in China

  • Daimler Factory 56

    Forging a future in Factory 56


    New car manufacturing facilities will need to be highly flexible as the trends of vehicle electrification and autonomous driving continue to evolve. Mercedes-Benz futuristic ‘Factory 56’ paves a new path. 

  • Agave, Ford

    Ford looks to agave plants for bioplastics


    US – In a collaboration with the Jose Cuervo Tequila brand, Ford is testing the durability and heat resistance of agave fibre by-product for use in vehicle interior and exterior components including wiring harnesses, storage bins and heating, ventilation and air conditioning units. According to the OEM, initial assessments suggest ...

  • CO2 foam, Ford

    Ford's CO2-based foams and plastics


    US – Claiming the development as an industry first, Ford says it has successfully formulated and tested foam and plastic components using CO2 as feedstock. The company plans to use the new biomaterials in production vehicles in the next five years, reducing petroleum consumption by millions of pounds per year.Ford’s ...

  • Repreve, Ford

    Ford uses Repreve fibre in new F-150


    US – According to the OEM, using the recycled material will divert more than 5m plastic bottles from landfill this year. The new pick-up truck has joined four other Ford vehicles worldwide to feature Repreve fibre.“By using Repreve in the all-new Ford F-150, we are reconfirming our commitment to using ...

  • Repreve, Ford F-150

    Ford's annual sustainability report


    US – The OEM’s 16th such publication highlights environmental achievements at its manufacturing facilities plus mobility experiments to tackle transportation challenges and address future trends, in line with the Ford Smart Mobility plan.Ford is targeting a drop of 30% in CO2 emissions per vehicle produced by 2025 worldwide, and from ...

  • waste-2

    Waste not, want not


    Environmental initiatives at GM and Ford are bringing real benefits across the manufacturing process and adding up well on the bottom line GM gets waste wiseBy products initiativeDesign, build and purchasingRemoving metalGreen oil and glassReplacing emulsionsPressing need for MQLMinimum lubricationVacuums and air conditioningModel for wasteSimple curesIn the early days of ...