Flexibility is a key factor in enabling OEMs produce the growing number of electric vehicle variants. Our latest digital edition focuses on how and where OEMs are employing the latest digital technologies in AR, VR and AI to develop networked factories, with shared tooling and data, and cellular production stations. This issue features insights from Honda, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Epic Games and more


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Redefining the production line – OEMs employ AR, VR and AI to develop networked factories and cellular production stations  

The production line has long been the great enabler of mass production and the automotive industry has been perhaps the greatest exponent of this. But much around the production line is changing, with further steps forward in the digitalisation of assembly lines. This edition of AMS highlights some of the latest innovations in production operations and their application. Also how the development and optimisation of production lines has advanced though the use of virtual simulations and big steps forward in the collection and analysis of data.

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