Fanuc EDM machineFeaturing a bigger 800mm table, the new α-C800iB CNC wire EDM machine is the largest machine in its ROBOCUT portfolio, says Fanuc. This variant uses Ø0.1-0.3mm wire to process thick, stepped and tapered workpieces up to 300mm in thickness and 3000kg in weight. It also features an increased XY-axis stroke of 800mm x 600mm, along with a Z-axis traverse of 310mm, which can also be increased to 510mm on request.

The built-in Core Stitch function allows operators to extend unmanned machining hours through better planning of cutting jobs, claims the company. Stitch points are set directly on the machine’s CNC without the need for pre-programming, and when used in combination with the wire path re-threading function it offers long-lasting unmanned machining and multi-workpiece cutting, says Fanuc.