Konecranes, JLR EMCUK – The company has installed a range of hoist and crane lifting solutions at the OEM’s new Engine Manufacturing Centre (EMC) at Wolverhampton. Konecranes will also conduct on-site planned service and maintenance using its 40-strong technical team, based within 20 miles of the facility.

Konecranes has supplied 150 systems with the EMC’s machine component and engine assembly halls, including 70 free-standing XMP pillar jib cranes equipped with CLX electric chain hoists with a maximum lifting capacity of 250kg.

In addition, 80 EMC workstations feature Konecranes’ new modular XA lightweight aluminium crane system. CLX chain hoists rated to 250kg have been fitted to 50 of the stations, while the other 30 feature the company’s ATB pneumatic air balancers. The ATBs are interfaced with a variety of grippers and are being used to lift heavy components such as engine blocks, cylinder heads and crankshafts within the machine hall.

JLR’s EMC opened in October last year to make the latest generation of its Ingenium, two-litre diesel engine.