Honda Marysville, OhioJapan – The figures released for fiscal year ending March, 2017, show a 6.9% increase in global output over the year before, with 5,059,847 units produced. In Japan, the increase was 6.5%, representing 810,377 units, while overseas output was up 7.0%, with 4,249,470 units made.

Annual output increased in Japan for the first time in three years, while the overseas regions experienced a fifth consecutive rise and set a record for fiscal year production. The latter included records in North America and Asia, including China.

The annual production totals were:

North America: 1,937,087 (+0.9%)US: 1,270,946 (-1.7%)Europe: 149,244 (+30.1%)Asia: 2,011,028 (+13.8%)China: 1,270,860 (+20.3%)Other: 152,111 (-10.4%).

In March, production in Japan dropped for the second consecutive month to 75,104 units (-5.9%) but the regions reported an increase for the eight consecutive month, setting records for March (including North America and Asia, plus China).

The monthly production totals were:North America: 175,761 (+1.2%)US: 112,008 (-2.6%)Europe: 16,743 (+38.4%)Asia: 202,870 (+15.6%)China: 135,217 (+23.9%)Other: 16,848 (+18.3%).