The SPS/IPC/DRIVES event, which will be held from 23-25 November 2010 at Messe Frankfurt, is Europe’s leading automation fair and the ideal event for finding out what’s new to the market, the trends, and what the future holds for automation in production

There are few events that can offer a similar depth of information with regards to automation technology as SPS/IPC/DRIVES. Of particular interest to carmakers are the areas of control technology and equipment that can improve the human/machine interface, some examples of which are highlighted here.

Bosch Rexroth, Hall 7, Booths 450, 550
Key to supporting the human/machine interface (HMI) is access to operating functions and a continuous visualisation of machine and controller information, both of which are integral elements of Rexroth’s IndraMotion MTX CNC control system, which will be demonstrated at the upcoming SPS/IPC/DRIVES fair. All data and applications needed for machine operation, programming, management, maintenance and diagnosis are organised into eight task groups, with multi-window technology enabling the user to switch between task groups without ending the current function. Rexroth supplies the complete user interface as standard equipment with its CNC controller. The IndraMotion MTX features open system architecture with userconfigurable windows.

With regards to servo solutions, Rexroth’s new IndraDrive Cs ECONOMY is a scalable, low-cost servo drive for pricesensitive applications and highperformance servo solutions. Also available in Universal and Advanced configurations, the compact converters are targeted at applications ranging from 0.05 to 3.5kW of continuous power. The ECONOMY drives facilitate the implementation of modern safety concepts through the safe disconnection of drive torque. The innovative multi-encoder interface supports a large number of feedback devices, such as EnDat, Hiperface, simple TTL incremental encoders, sine-cosine encoders, resolvers and the serial feedback system of Rexroth’s ultracompact MSM servo motors on a single hardware platform.

Pilz, Hall 9, Booth 370
The Pilz PSSuniversal decentralised I/O system Pilz will be highlighting its PSSuniversal system at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES event, a decentralised I/O system, the key benefit of which is the integrated safety principle, in which the only head module represents the safety-related subscribers, with settings made at a central point. As a result, automotive manufacturers are required to complete less work with regards to assigning safety-related address ranges, which results in an immediate cost reduction. Safety gate systems are widely used in bodyshop applications. For this, Pilz offers a complete solution, with the PSEN bolt and a non-contact coded safety switch PSEN cs. A further option is the PSEN bolt with PSEN cs2.2, which provides a cost-effective safety gate solution without interlocking.