Dürr_EcoDocuDürr claims its EcoDocu smart documentation system simplifies commissioning, operation, and maintenance in a paint shop. The company says that until recently the technical documentation for a paint shop took up around 150 ring binders, but now EcoDocu stores this information digitally on a data carrier so that it is readily available on a PC.

Dürr says the main sections such as the parts catalogue, circuit diagrams and the actual documentation are interlinked for ease of handling. Features include coloured hotspots in the system diagram so when a user selects one of these hotspots, the corresponding component, for example a solenoid valve, is displayed automatically in the navigation and parts list area with the correct designation and material number. The mouseover function also opens a separate window containing device-specific details.

EcoDocu runs as a mobile application on the Dürr tablet EcoPad or other mobile devices, and allows the QR codes on machines and systems to be scanned, with the app navigating directly to the corresponding functional part in the parts catalogue.