Werth TomoScope XSTomoScope technology is now available in a new compact format says Werth. The company claims its new TomoScope XS combines many advantages of various machine classes. It features a transmission tube with a monoblock design that produces a small focal spot even at high X-ray power, which it’s claimed allows rapid measurements to be performed at high resolution.

The monoblock design combines the source, voltage generator and vacuum pump into a single serviceable unit. It’s claimed this results in long maintenance intervals and service life. The system has a maximum X-ray voltage of 130 kV, with an available 160 kV for workpieces with greater radiographic length and denser materials and features an air bearing rotary axis for positioning the workpiece. The TomoScope XS also reconstructs the workpiece volume in real time, in parallel with capturing the images, allowing the system to be used for production monitoring, says the company.